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Fully Certified, 175 Ton Horizontal Testbed

Tidal Enterprises Ltd., takes the next step to certify Mooring and Lifting components.

As a major supplier of heavy industrial marine equipment, Tidal Enterprises Ltd (Tidal) has always taken significant steps to provide mooring components from manufacturers with clearly defined performance targets and certifications to support.

To follow through with our commitment to ensure we are meeting and surpassing customer expectations Tidal has now installed an impressive, fully certified, 175 Ton horizontal testbed. The new addition will give our rope, chain and hardware customers a North American based certification to support all global producers that we purchase from. For both, ocean-based mooring and land-based overhead lifting industries, we feel this is an important service that will provide greater confidence in our selected factories and allow stakeholders to be clear on what it is they are buying.

We invite industry to allow us, Tidal Enterprises Ltd, to work with you and to take-on your R&D projects, proof load overhead lifting gear, test your hardware and rigging, or simply give you peace of mind and understanding of the mooring or lifting products you need to do the job right.

Fully Certified, 175 Ton Horizontal Testbed

TEST-BED DEFINITION: Pull testing apparatus for use in Proof Testing and Break Testing of Slings, Cables, Hooks, Chains, Rope, Rigging Hardware and various other materials and items functioning to resist tensile forces.

BREAKING STRENGTH: Also known as (MBL) “Minimum Break Load” is the load a complete assembly can withstand before failure in a certified pull test when the product is NEW.

WORKING LOAD LIMIT: There are, terms used in the industry which are interchangeable with the term Working Load Limit. These are: WLL, SWL, Safe Working Load, Rated Load Value, Resulting Safe Working Load, and Rated Capacity. The Working Load Limit is the maximum load which should ever be applied to a product, even when the product is new and when the load is uniformly applied – straight line pull only.

Never exceed the Working Load Limit!

REMEMBER: Breaking Strengths, when published, are obtained under controlled laboratory conditions. Listing of the Breaking Strength does not mean the Working Load Limit should ever be exceeded.

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